image representing Civil Lawyer in Brazil

Civil Lawyer

Feldmann law Firm has a specialized area and attorneys in Civil Law. Our office has the most capable Brazilian civil lawyers to assist and serve you and your business. Our team is able to work from simple questions to complex cases that require the involvement of professionals from multiple areas.

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image represents criminal lawyer in brazil

Criminal Lawyer

Our office is being helpful in Criminal Law, assisting foreigners in Brazilian territory. We have the most capable criminal lawyer in Brazil. The Criminal Lawyer acts undoubtedly the most fascinating area of ​​Law, such professional work in the application of the Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure in order to defend their clients in accordance with the peculiarity that the case need.

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image representing family lawyer in brazil

Family Lawyer

Feldmann Law Firm is specialized in Family Law and Succession. Our team has the best family lawyers in Brazil. We are here to guide you and facilitate the solution of your needs. Contact us for personal and confidential consultation on: marriage, alimony, paternity, child custody, visiting rights, prenuptial agreement and even inventory, divorce.

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image representing labor lawyer in brazil

Labor Lawyer

Our office possess labor lawyer with high knowledge in Labor, both promoting complaints as developing defenses, especially in cases of recognition of employment relationship, employment relationship, such as trade union Rights, corporate responsibility, labor fraud, indirect terminations, bullying, among other Labor Law.

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images represents real estate lawyer in brazil

Real Estate Lawyer

Feldmann Law Firm can help you out with solutions with repossession action, real estate record, contract for deed and many others in Real Estate area. We have the best real estate lawyer in Brazil that could help you in any matter of Real Estate in our country.

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Contact Us! We look forward to hearing from you. To discuss the circumstances of your case and hear the opinion of a specialist lawyer about Legal issues in our areas of expertise, please contact us using the form.

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Here you could find the most frequently asked questions and our specialties.

buy property in brazil

Our office, Feldmann Law Firm, had an honor to gave an interview to New York Times explaining how to buy a property in Brazil. See the entire news here or bellow: A Seven-Bedroom Villa in São Paulo $3.1 MILLION (12.5 MILLION BRAZILIAN REALS) This modern, seven-bedroom house sits on a third…

Buying property in Brazil

Buying property in Brazil IS IT POSSIBLE TO BUY A PROPERTY IN BRAZIL? Are there any legal restrictions banning a foreign investor from purchasing real estate in Brazil? Any citizen can purchase an urban real estate in Brazil, including foreigners. There are some restrictions to rural properties’ acquisitions, but the…

Real Estate Acquisition in Brazil by Foreigners

Are there any restrictions on foreigners purchasing property in Brazil? You do not have to be Brazilian or live in the country to buy real estate in Brazil, although there are some limitations and rules. Foreigners interested in the potential for profitability and valorization or even to spend holidays, foreigners…