Criminal Lawyer

Criminal Lawyer in Brazil

In Criminal Law, Feldmann Law Firm has the best criminal lawyers working in the Brazilian territory. The Criminal lawyer in Brazil acts in the accompanying victims, (both individual, as a legal entity, or as a company), as well as prosecution assistant, carrying out development requests as Freedom Provisional Prison Relaxation In The Act of Revocation Temporary imprisonment and preventive detention and “Habeas Corpus”.

In prominent national level, Feldmann Law Firm runs proficiently before the Court of Jury and before the Superior Courts ruthless skill of Oral Statement, and there is a need of legal technique, coupled with the discursive and technical mastery.

Expose the items below in which we operate in the criminal realm:

  • Criminal Misdemeanor Law (Decree Law No. 3,688 / 1941);
  • Traffic offenses (drunk driving) Law No. 9.503 / 97;
  • Crimes against life (murder, bodily injury – Decree-Law No. 2,848 / 1940);
  • Crimes against honor (slander, libel and slander – Decree-Law No. 2,848 / 1940);
  • Crimes against property (theft, burglary, robbery, larceny, receiving stolen – Decree-Law No. 2,848 / 1940);
  • Pension embezzlement (CP, Article 168-A);
  • Crimes against Public Administration (Decree Law No. 2,848 / 1940);
  • Crimes of copyright infringement;
  • Crimes against the tax and economic order (Law No. 8,137 / 1990);
  • Environmental Crimes (Law No. 9.615 / 1998);
  • Bids crimes (Law No. 8.666 / 1993);
  • Electoral Crimes (Law No. 4,737 / 1965);
  • Racial Prejudice (Law No. 7.716 / 1989);
  • Crimes against Consumer (Law No. 8.078 / 1990);
  • Of Administrative Misconduct Law (Law No. 8,429 / 1992);
  • Crimes of Laundering or Concealment of Assets, Rights and Values ​​(Law No. 9.613 / 98);
  • Protection of the Victims and Witness Law (Law No. 9.807 / 99);
  • Elderly Statute (Law No. 10.741 / 03);
  • Disarmament Statute (Law No. 10.826 / 03); and
  • Maria da Penha Law (Law No. 11,340 / 06).


The Criminal Lawyer acts undoubtedly the most fascinating area of ​​Law. Such professional works in the application of the Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure in order to defend their clients in accordance with the peculiarity that the case needs. The Criminal Lawyer seeks above all the interests of society in doing justice. The professional, must above all, be very detail-oriented, as the crime of time can also set the prescription to be applied in this case, which can make the difference between conviction and absolution.


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