Labor Lawyer

Labor Lawyer in Brazil

Feldmann Labor Law Firm has the specialized Labor Lawyer in Brazil Mr. Feldmann and a sophisticated structure with lawyers to guide and protect the interests of employees in general, in defense of workers and enterprises.

Our office possesses labor lawyers with high knowledge in Labor, promoting complaints as developing defenses, especially in cases of recognition of employment relationship, such as trade union rights, corporate responsibility, labor fraud, indirect terminations, bullying , premiums, overtime, reinstatement of pregnant women, among other Labor Laws.

We highlight the performance of the most diverse professionals, such as banking, employees of industry, commerce, hospitals, public, private company employees, policyholders, pensioners and others.

The issues relating Labor Rights require a thorough analysis regarding the cause and effect relationship between the patron and the employee.

Our Labor Lawyer will evaluate and if necessary claim irregularities in:

  • Employment contracts
  • Severance
  • Vacation
  • Overtime
  • Salary reclassification
  • Career path
  • Salary equalization
  • Reinstatement
  • Moral damages
  • RSI (repetitive strain injuries)
  • Bullying , among others.

We also act in defense companies, developing challenges and resources, intermediating agreements, contracts and other, being recognized as one of the best Labor Law Firms in São Paulo.

We are located at Paulista Avenue, the main avenue of São Paulo. Please contact us on the contact form, via email:, or by Phone: 55 11 3254-7384 and 55 11 96670-2832.

Our Labor lawyer Mr. Feldmann will advise you about your Labor issues.